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“Invaluable resource

"Peter provides us with crucial insight into fine dining, hotel, grab & go and restaurant market places."

Tamar Fresh

We hate to share our secret Master Chef

"Peter is enthusiastic, he motivates others, his knowledge is encyclopedic, his contacts are endless, he works like a Trojan. "

Falcon Hotel, Bude

“Another successful experience”

"Peter's expertise and support is always invaluable. The fundamental reason for this is that Peter doesn't simply bring a wealth of Michelin level gastronomic knowledge to the table, his skill set far exceeds that."

Adam Blackmore


"A True Professional"

"It has been a real pleasure working with Peter.  He is a talented professional chef consultant with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry and a genuinely nice guy.  I would thoroughly recommend his Consultancy Services for any hospitality business."

Paul Roston

The Carved Angel

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