Truffles are a subterranean fungus that grows under oak and hazelnut trees around their root systems.

Spain are one of the biggest producers of truffles today but truffles can also be found in Italy, France and the Pacific North West and even China. 

Truffles should be wrapped in a paper towel this keeps the truffles dry as moisture will encourage rotting and make them go bad quickly so they are best stored in a sealed container at the top of the fridge, remember to change the paper towel every day to get rid of the condensation.

Chef’s tip – Truffles can be stored in a container with cheese or eggs to infuse their flavour.

Choosing truffles – they should be rock hard, the smell should be strong and pungent smelling oaky, nutty and earthy also you will detect savoury notes and sometimes a sweet smell. 

What to eat them with – truffles can be grated or sliced in pasta, egg, rice, risottos and salads.

Truffle butter is delicious and truffled French fries you cannot beat!

I would recommend 8g – 12g of truffle per person for a main course and half this amount as a starter.

White truffles are known as Earth’s Gold but tend to have a short shelf life and should not be frozen.  White truffles are gram for gram one of the most expensive foods in the world.

Black truffles can be frozen in air tight container, preferable as individual truffles this way you can take one out at a time without any wastage as they are expensive.