Consultancy Chef Services

Peter is available to undertake a number of consultancy services covering design to menu creation, helping you to maximise profit and efficiency.

Start-ups and Openings

  • Menu creation in virtually any style, Italian, French, Thai, Modern International Cuisine
  • Image definition
  • Location search – three possible locations delivered for a set fee
  • Commercial kitchen design and remodelling
  • Research/purchase kitchen equipment
  • Head chef recruitment and training for good profit margins
  • Restaurant/Hotel staffing to include interviews and recruitment
  • EHO Reports, Summery Inspections and Safe Method Maintenance
  • Advanced chef skills and chef demonstration training
  • Purchase kitchen supplies
  • Purveyor and service equipment control and set-ups
  • Includes media selection and advertising development
  • The first week of opening a new business
  • A special opening package to suit your needs
  • Food production supervision
  • Implemented training course for new recruits – speeding profitability

 Special First Week Opening packages

  • A special opening package which includes-:
  • Purchasing
  • Staffing
  • Menu planning
  • Food production supervisor
  • Table placement/settings
  • Traffic patterns throughout the restaurant
  • Equipment purchase
  • Uniforms


  • On application – this is because every consultancy service is different according to the size of operation and the work involved from a small café through to a hotel chain

All consultancy UK work is carried out by Peter Gorton